KSE Consulting


Provence, France

You know you’ve had an unforgettable vacation when you can’t stop talking about it, you gush and share stories with everyone. What made it extraordinary is simple: the nitty-gritty details were tackled behind the scenes long before you packed your bags, and then, upon arrival, thoughtfully served up by your local, personal Concierge. Beautifully curated cycling adventures were matched to your ambitions & mood. And of course, the finest in local food, wine, and culture were consistently and pleasantly delivered. The details, naturally, include knowing the lay of the land, or as they say, being au courant (in the know). The elusive & sought-after sommelier, where to find the juiciest tomatoes & punchiest garlic, that secret passage that rolls into a delightful ribbon of country roads traveled by only a few, and of course the stubborn baker that bakes only 10 loaves of gooey-heaven a day, simply because he can.

This is where the magic lives.

Let us show you.